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Did You Know?

Here are some enlightening facts about the Antigua and Barbuda Independent Licensing (A.B.I.L.):

  • A.B.I.L. boasts over two decades of experience in the licensing industry.
  • A.B.I.L. provides an economical license package that’s unparalleled in value.
  • A.B.I.L. acts as a complimentary multilingual Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) for players.
  • A.B.I.L. is at the forefront with Crypto Compliance offerings.
  • A.B.I.L. also provides optional integrated legal assistance packages.
  • 6. A.B.I.L. associates only with trustworthy suppliers, excluding any form of kickbacks or referral bonuses.
  • We ensure that you always have the freedom to partner with any Corporate Service Professional (CSP). At A.B.I.L., we believe in fostering a fair and sustainable business environment.
  • A.B.I.L. is 100% owned and supervised by residents of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Beyond Business-to-Consumer (B2C) licenses, A.B.I.L. also offers Business-to-Business (B2B) accreditations.

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Application Procedure for an A.B.I.L License

Post submission of the email to, A.B.I.L. will get in touch through the given email address, introducing you to our diverse offerings. You would then be expected to pay a pre-application fee of € 10,000. This fee assists in establishing your preferred payment option and ascertains your genuine intent. Upon receiving the fee, the licensing procedure commences. Ensure you have your Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation prepared, and present us with a logical business plan. The final stage involves a compliance interview, and upon successful evaluation, an A.B.I.L. interactive verification badge will be provided for integration on your approved sites as well as an interactive PDF file. Your casino must at any time display the badge with the license to give players the ability to complain if necessary.

Eligibility for an A.B.I.L. License

You’ll need a local entity (either B.V. or N.V.) to secure an A.B.I.L. sublicense. If you lack one during application, A.B.I.L. can guide you to a reputable Corporate Service Professional (CSP) or you may select one of your choosing. A.B.I.L. also offers a preapproval stage, where selected applicants can be granted provisional licensing status once the availability of documents is confirmed and pending final approval.

A.B.I.L.’s License Package Options

With competitive pricing and flexible solutions to meet your business needs, A.B.I.L. offers four different license packages:

  1. Basic Package: This package includes the A.B.I.L. sublicense, access to the online player complaint and resolution system, as well as a multi-lingual Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) service.
  2. Standard Package: In addition to the features of the Basic Package, this option offers integrated legal assistance services for regulatory compliance.
  3. Premium Package: This package includes all features of the Basic and Standard Packages, along with Crypto Compliance solutions and a dedicated account manager for personalized assistance.
  4. Premier Package: The comprehensive package includes all the features of the other packages as well as Business-to-Business (B2B) licensing options.
Timeframe for Licensing

Although A.B.I.L.’s licensing procedure can be accomplished within a week, this timeline is contingent on your preparedness. Ensure all prerequisites are in place to avoid unwarranted delays. Note: A.B.I.L. will dismiss any hastily prepared or insincere applications. We value transparency and integrity in the licensing process.

Our CORE Principles: Upholding Integrity

While any mediator can oversee the application process, they must align with our tenets of Commitment, Openness, Responsibility, and Excellence (CORE). A.B.I.L. neither entertains nor disburses commissions, kickbacks, or referral charges. Transparency in fee structures is paramount. Our services, though top-notch, are competitively priced, and we intend to maintain this equilibrium. It’s imperative to note that A.B.I.L. is obligated to recognize any Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) linked to the prospective business.

For any queries, please contact: or if you suspect any breach of licensing norms, reach out at:

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