A.B.I.L Self-Exclusion: A Serious Commitment to Responsible Gaming

At the Antigua and Barbuda Independent Licensing (A.B.I.L.), we fully recognize the gravity of problematic gambling behaviors. We are deeply committed to ensuring that players maintain control over their gaming experiences and prioritize their well-being. The self-exclusion mechanism is a testament to our dedication towards ensuring a safer gaming environment.

Self-Exclusion Process:

A.B.I.L. mandates all licensed operators to establish and maintain a robust self-exclusion procedure, given the severity and implications of gambling-related harms. However, it’s crucial for players to understand the following:

  1. Operator-Driven Mechanism: The responsibility for administering self-exclusion requests resides solely with our licensed operators. A.B.I.L. does not directly engage in exclusion requests.
  2. Cancellation of Exclusion: Should a player wish to revoke their self-exclusion decision, they must directly contact the operator through written channels, either via email or Live Chat. The process will require answering a series of detailed questions aimed at understanding the player’s intent and well-being.
  3. Operator’s Discretion: The final decision to lift a self-exclusion rests entirely with the operator. Each case is evaluated thoroughly, ensuring that player safety remains paramount.
  4. Consequences of Revocation: Should a player successfully answer the self-exclusion revocation questions in written format, they take on full responsibility for their subsequent gaming activities. Any funds lost post-revocation will be considered non-refundable, irrespective of any subsequent requests or appeals.

No Central Exclusion System:

It’s imperative to understand that A.B.I.L. does not support or endorse a centralized self-exclusion system. This means:

  • Players must initiate self-exclusion processes individually with each operator or casino they have accounts with.
  • The absence of a centralized system underscores the profound seriousness with which we approach gambling-related concerns. This structure ensures that players give due thought and consideration when choosing to exclude themselves, further emphasizing the weightiness of such a decision.

No Refunds for Self-Excluded Players:

Players attempting to abuse the self-exclusion mechanism by subsequently seeking refunds will find their requests denied. Such actions undermine the very essence of the self-exclusion initiative, which is centered around player safety and well-being.