Commitment to Integrity and Fairness

The Antigua and Barbuda Independent Licensing (A.B.I.L.) holds itself, as well as its licensed operators, to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and ethical conduct. Our complaint resolution mechanism ensures a rigorous, transparent, and fair adjudication process. If you believe any of our licensed operators have failed to uphold these standards, we strongly encourage you to file a formal complaint.

Filing a Complaint: An Overview

  1. Initial Evaluation: Upon receiving your complaint, a dedicated A.B.I.L. Compliance Officer will conduct an initial assessment to determine the validity and severity of the issue.
  2. Investigative Procedure: Should the complaint warrant further examination, it will be escalated to our Regulatory Enforcement Unit, which will undertake a thorough investigation, in adherence with our strict procedural guidelines.
  3. Adjudication Process: Following the conclusion of the investigation, the findings will be submitted to the Regulatory Review Board, which will decide on the appropriate action based on the evidence presented and the applicable regulatory provisions.
  4. Resolution & Redress: A.B.I.L. is committed to ensuring justice and fairness. If an operator is found to be in violation of any A.B.I.L. regulations, stringent corrective and punitive measures will be imposed, which may include fines, sanctions, or license revocation.

Important Guidelines for Filing a Complaint:

  • Provide Detailed Information: Include all relevant details regarding your complaint, such as the name of the operator, dates, transaction IDs, and any supporting evidence. This will assist in expediting the investigative process.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: Avoid publicly discussing your complaint while it’s under review to protect the integrity of the investigation.
  • Adherence to Timelines: You will be informed of the progress at every stage, and we endeavor to resolve all complaints within a strict timeframe.

Initiate the Complaint Process:

To initiate a formal complaint against a licensed operator under the purview of A.B.I.L., please send out an email to

Contact Information:

For any queries related to the complaint filing process, or to receive updates on an ongoing complaint:
Mailing Address:
Antigua and Barbuda Independent Licensing N.V.
8 Dockyard Drive
Antigua and Barbuda

A.B.I.L.’s Assurance:

Your trust is paramount to us. Rest assured, your complaint will be handled with the utmost seriousness, diligence, and integrity, reflective of A.B.I.L.’s unwavering commitment to upholding the gold standard in regulatory enforcement.